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“Cleaner Is Safer”

With a focus on flooring safety, Global Safe Technologies Inc., in association with its Global Floor Safety Network ~ GFSN Business Members – are proud to be partners and world leaders in providing the ultimate in Floor Care Safety.

The Global Floor Safety Network has the Solution to greatly reduce the number of injuries, disabilities, and even deaths, resulting from Slip-and-Fall Accidents in your area, across the country, and around the world, caused by unsafe, unclean, slippery walking surfaces.

Our primary product, the Safe Solution® works by dramatically increasing the Coefficient-of-Friction of hard mineral surface flooring (e.g., ceramic tile) and steel enamel bathtubs, to make them less slippery especially when soaking wet! Treatment with Safe Solution® permanently, microscopically, and invisibly changes the surface characteristics of these structures to produce the desired anti-slip effect.

Safe Solution® is not a surface coating. You cannot see, but you certainly can feel the difference! There remains no unsightly alteration of your beautiful floor or tub appearance. Safe Solution® and Clean Step™ are recommended for use in and around the home, in your kitchens, bathrooms, patios and pool areas, and is also ideal for commercial applications such as in hotels and restaurants… anywhere a potential slip and fall accident can occur. Safe Solution® has even been used at the bottom of swimming pools to help prevent slips on these permanently wet surfaces. No coating produces the same effect!

Safe Solution® – Before & After

Derek Kirby

Derek Kirby

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Our Products

Safe Solution® –

A Non-Slip cleaning application process
providing unsurpassed anti-slip qualities

Clean Step™ –

An antibacterial, nontoxic, high performance, daily multipurpose cleaner and degreaser

TRES™ (Traction Restoring &
Enhancing System) –

An anti-slip rejuvenation system designed to restore & enhance traction

CRS™ (Cleaning & Rejuvenation
System) –

Is a specialized cleaning system, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate extremely dirty surfaces by penetrating and removing years of hardened grime, chemical, and soil build-up making the surface look like new.

ProCal 21™ –

A powerful formulation for dissolving tough calcium, lime, rust, and efflorescence deposits on tile & brick vastly superior to other similar products on the market